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Limited Membership

Punch cards are available as limited membership options at NUCC. Punch cards are available for 5 or 10 rounds and do not expire. Rounds can also be split up into 9 hole rounds, which count as 1/2 of a punch. There are a few restrictions for limited members, but this still provides a great option for those who want enjoy golf at NUCC.


New Ulm Residents

  • 5 rounds - $170

  • 10 rounds - $320

Outside 20-Mile Radius of New Ulm

  • 10 rounds - $300

* Rounds are 18 holes

* Rounds may be split into 9 hole rounds

* Cardholders may bring guests


  • No play on Wednesdays

  • Must tee off before 2:00pm on Fridays

  • Must tee off after 11:00am on Weekends and Holidays

  • Card may not be used for tournament play

  • Subject to all other house rules

Contact our golf professional staff to inquire about Limited Membership.

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